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Terms of Use


Welcome to the howtomakemoneybloggingonline Terms of Use ("Terms") page. Yes, there is a good dose of legalese here. While we don't love it either, we provide these Terms to protect both you and us and to let you know that we take this responsibility seriously.

All Users

Whether you are a Job Seeker, Employer, or just passing through, we expect you to abide by a high standard of professional and acceptable behavior. You must also comply with applicable law, including local, state, and federal employment and discrimination laws.

Job Seekers

Job Seekers agree to use all resources on the howtomakemoneybloggingonline Site solely for personal, individual noncommercial use and agree not to share, sell, distribute or disclose to any third party or on any other website any howtomakemoneybloggingonline content, which includes job listings.


Employers interested in and submitting a request to use the howtomakemoneybloggingonline service will be invited to do so at the sole discretion of howtomakemoneybloggingonline.

Employers must be legitimate, clearly presented, and in good-standing (such as with the BBB). An Employer that does not satisfy our guidelines, particularly if there is questionable or scam-related behavior, will not be invited. howtomakemoneybloggingonline retains the right in its sole discretion to revoke an Employer's access at any time for the reasons stated here and elsewhere in these Terms.

An Employer account can only be created by the appropriate HR Manager/Executive/Recruiter from within and approved by the Employer organization. Independent Representatives are not permitted to post jobs on behalf of an Employer organization.

If invited, when posting jobs or contacting candidates, Employers must be hiring for current employment opportunities that include a flexible work element such as a remote work option, freelance contract, or a part-time, flexible, or alternative schedule.

Employers are explicitly prohibited from soliciting potentially invasive personal or financial information from candidates in the database as part of the job application/advertisement process, such as social security, credit card, or bank account numbers.

Terms of Use

These are the Terms of Use ("Terms") under which you may use howtomakemoneybloggingonline (www.howtomakemoneybloggingonline.com), which is an online service that helps Job Seekers search for flexible employment opportunities and helps Employers find candidates. Please read these Terms carefully. If you do not accept them, do not use howtomakemoneybloggingonline and its services. By using howtomakemoneybloggingonline Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms. howtomakemoneybloggingonline may revise these Terms at any time by posting an updated version to this Web page. You should visit this page periodically to review the most current Terms. They give you and us certain rights and obligations.


1. You must be 18 years of age or older, or the age of majority as that is defined in your jurisdiction, whichever is older, to visit or use howtomakemoneybloggingonline in any manner. By visiting and continuing to use howtomakemoneybloggingonline, you represent and warrant to howtomakemoneybloggingonline that you have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction and that you have the right, authority, and capacity to agree to and abide by these Terms. You also represent and warrant to howtomakemoneybloggingonline that you will use howtomakemoneybloggingonline in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations.

Use of Content

2. howtomakemoneybloggingonline authorizes you to view and access a single copy of the content available on or from howtomakemoneybloggingonline solely for your personal use. The contents of howtomakemoneybloggingonline, such as text, graphics, images, logos, button icons, software, and other howtomakemoneybloggingonline content, are protected under both United States and foreign copyright, trademark, and other laws. You agree not to sell or modify the howtomakemoneybloggingonline content or reproduce, display, publicly perform, distribute, or otherwise use the howtomakemoneybloggingonline content in any way for any public or commercial purpose, in connection with products or services that are not those of howtomakemoneybloggingonline, in any other manner that is likely to cause confusion among consumers, that disparages or discredits howtomakemoneybloggingonline or its licensors, that dilutes the strength of howtomakemoneybloggingonline' trademarks, or that otherwise infringes howtomakemoneybloggingonline' intellectual property rights. You further agree not to misuse in any other way any howtomakemoneybloggingonline content. The use of the howtomakemoneybloggingonline content on any other website or in a networked computer environment for any purpose is prohibited. Any code that howtomakemoneybloggingonline creates to generate or display any howtomakemoneybloggingonline content or the pages making up any howtomakemoneybloggingonline Site is also protected by howtomakemoneybloggingonline' copyright, and you may not copy or adapt such code.

Term and Termination

3. These Terms will remain in full force and effect while you are a User of howtomakemoneybloggingonline at any level. howtomakemoneybloggingonline reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to pursue all of its legal remedies, including but not limited to removal of your User Content from howtomakemoneybloggingonline and immediate termination of your registration or ability to access howtomakemoneybloggingonline, any other howtomakemoneybloggingonline Sites, and/or any other services provided by howtomakemoneybloggingonline, upon any breach by you of these Terms or if howtomakemoneybloggingonline is unable to verify or authenticate any information you submit to howtomakemoneybloggingonline or pursuant to other howtomakemoneybloggingonline Site registration. Even after you are no longer a User of howtomakemoneybloggingonline, certain provisions of these Terms will remain in effect.